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How Dispute Resolution Lawyers Can Resolve Your Dispute Without Trial

January 4, 2016

No matter in what phase of your life you are, there can certainly be a situation when you will find yourself stuck in a serious dispute and asking for help. This is however, not always a condition when you can resolve the disagreements or disputes after trails. They can be resolved outside court even if the opposite party has filed a case against you. Yes, this is possible by taking help of dispute resolution lawyers. These lawyers are expert in settling down disagreements outside court. They use alternative dispute resolution, also called ADR, which refers to a number of methods of settling down disputes without trail if you have filed a lawsuit.

ADR methods can resolve any sort of disagreement, be it divorce; disputes related with landlord/tenant, business and real estate, contractors, employer-employee, finance, property inheritance, and neighbors. The most familiar ways of ADR are negotiation, mediation, arbitration and neutral evaluation. You can understand in this way:

Negotiation is very much like what is practiced in daily life. People or individuals from both the parties sit with their attorneys and directly approach each other to reach an agreement. In case, none of the parties settled down on an agreement, another alternative method is involved.

Mediation, as the name suggests it involves a mediator who works out the differences between both the parties. Sitting together with the opposite parties, mediators tries to reach to an agreement that suits both of them. If however no agreement is reached, the mediator doesn't have right to decide the case. Further, opposite parties can look for another ways to work out their conflict.

Arbitration is a method where the major role is played by arbitrator, a person who reviews presentations provided by both the parties. The presentation may include documents and witness testimony related with the case. Decision of arbitrator may be "binding" or "non-binding". If the decision is binding it cannot be appealed or challenged in court, other case decision is non-binding and you are agreed, the case can be taken to court for trail.

Neutral evaluation involves a role of third person called neutral evaluator to whom opposite parties makes a concise presentation. After reviewing the presentation of the conflict, he offers an evaluation. This is not a decision, but a possibility to resolve a case. With this way many cases have been resolved so far.

Dispute resolution lawyers can be highly advantageous in saving time, increasing flexibility and control, maintaining confidentiality, preserving relationship, allowing you explaining your side, and reducing stress. Naturally, it will result into immense satisfaction if either of ADA works.

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Disability Insurance Lawyers

January 4, 2016

Employers often offer Group Benefit Plans that include long term disability benefits and provide some guidance to employees on how to submit a claim.

For professionals who own their own policies, maneuvering through the red tape to file a disability claim, and prove to the insurance company that it is valid, can be comparatively more difficult.

Private disability plans in Canada pay benefits after the expiration of a waiting period of usually between 30 - 90 days or longer depending on the particular policy. Many private policies provide for long term benefits, in the event that the policy holder is totally disabled from their own occupation.

For younger policy holders, it can be even more difficult to get insurance companies to agree to long term disability benefits, as the length of time they are paying out benefits will be longer.

Many cases are resolved by negotiating a lump-sum settlement as both the policy holder and the insurance company prefer to end their ongoing relationship in exchange for a mutually agreeable compromise.

Hiring David Share Associates to help you secure all the long term benefits you deserve can make all the difference. Our skilled lawyers can successfully maneuver through the red tape to simplify your policy and interpret it to your advantage. For peace of mind, and maximum long term disability benefits when you need them, turn to David Share Associates based in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

There are time limits to all long-term disability claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline. You should not delay in proceeding with your disability claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines.

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Importance of a Business Lawyer for a Company

January 4, 2016

Starting a business or company will involve a hundred things, from construction of an office and searching for funding to the nitty-gritty parts of managing the business once it is launched. In the initial phases, it is important to also draw up contracts or agreements that will be important in protecting the interests of the company, owner, and shareholders. To help you manage that part and other areas of your up and coming business, it is best to hire a corporate or business lawyer to handle the legal part of the business.

Why Do You Need Legal Advice?

Any company may or may not eventually face some problems in the future. For example, shareholders may possibly find themselves in conflict with one another regarding the operations and management of the business. Any partnership disputes, shareholder issues, breaches of contract are possible problems that may or may not happen in the future. The worst case scenario would be business dissolution or bankruptcy, which is something that any entrepreneur or businessman would definitely want to avoid. But with that possibility in mind, it is best to get legal advice to protect the company from those threats and prevent any financial disputes and issues. A foolproof contract and agreement is most important.

Hiring the Right Business Lawyer

Serious entrepreneurs will definitely hire a business lawyer to guide them through the start-up phase and management of a business. For every part of your business from the ground up, you should be abiding by state laws. A business or corporate lawyer must know the ins and outs of commercial litigation. Finding the experienced legal professional or law firm in this area will benefit your company in the long run.

Avoid Possible Run-ins

Employee disputes or issues may also be handled by a corporate lawyer. If the company is facing lawsuits regarding employee harassment or workplace discrimination, these issues can be addressed by a corporate lawyer. This is especially important for big companies, and any start-up company must also be well-informed regarding this aspect.

Commercial litigation is not essential only when you are facing lawsuits here and there. Make it an essential part of your company's decision-making, management, and expansion. Let your business lawyer be your guide in the rough road towards success. There will always bumps and challenging roads along the way, but you will be more assured of your company's success and growth with a reliable and effective legal representation.



How to Handle Car Insurance Disputes

January 4, 2016

If you are having a tough time with your car insurance company, sit back for a minute and just review all the things that have happened to you before you reached your boiling point of frustration. If calling a highly skilled car insurance dispute attorney was not one of the things you did, it's still not too late to call an attorney.

If you're really tired of being ignored, having everything you try to do stalled in neutral, and are sick of disputing with your insurance company, there are some things you may do to help yourself. Just remember, the best insurance is a competent lawyer who will get things moving for you because they understand the system inside out.

We're going to tell you about some things you are able to do on your own, but will also encourage you to take detailed notes. Your notes will help your lawyer piece together the history of how your claim was handled. You may certainly call the claims department yourself; after all, your insurance premiums pay their salaries. Did they give you a rough time? Get the person's name and speak to their supervisor.

If you march down to the insurance company and take any documents with you, make sure you have the right ones, and that they prove the point you want to make. Don't take no for an answer and speak directly to your assigned insurance adjuster. Follow up your "in person appointment" with an email outlining everything you spoke about. Again, remember to keep copies of everything you sent, as well as notes about what was said.

If dealing with your insurance agent is like beating your head against a brick wall, it's time to head for the complaint department. Repeat the above process and keep notes, complete with times and dates. If there is still no resolution of your complaint, it's time for the big guns - the local Insurance Department.

Often you may file a complaint with them online, but don't expect a resolution within a few days, as it often takes longer than 30 days for anything to happen (and not always in your favor). However, having said that, by the time you get this far you are likely realizing your best route to solve your insurance claim dispute would have been to contact a skilled insurance attorney.



If it Exists, There's a Lawyer For It

July 22, 2015

Lawyers Work in a Variety of Practice Areas

Lawyers work in a variety of practice areas in order to provide a full range of legal services. From administrative law to construction law, and from corporate and business law to family law, legal professionals provide expertise in order to provide customized, highly flexible solutions for their clients.

Let's take a look at several different areas of practice that lawyers specialize in:

This area of legal practice ensures government agencies operate lawfully, and in compliance with parliament. Hearings take place before tribunals, panels and regulatory boards. As the provincial capital, this is a very important focus for lawyers for Victoria BC.

Construction continues to power the Canadian economy, so specialists in this field are in high demand. Legal experts advise clients on different aspects of projects, such as regulatory compliance and risk management, as well professional negligence, drafting builder's liens (and solving disputes involving those liens), as well as design and engineering issues.

Corporate and Business
This involves helping business establish corporate share structures and other associations, as well as providing tax advice, preparing commercial contracts and leases, employee compensation planning such as stock options, and contract disputes. It's a big area of law that is a key ingredient of the success of businesses as a whole.

If you have been charged with, or have been a victim of impaired driving and other driving offences, theft, fraud and other property crimes, or any other serious offences, including murder, there are lawyers who may be able to help.

Employment law is another large element of legal. Lawyers can provide assistance in a number of different scenarios, including wrongful dismissals and disability claims, employment contracts, human rights issues, and employee stock options and incentive plans.

Environmental law is also an important practice in the city. This area of jurisprudence covers everything from environmental, energy, safety and health regulatory enforcement matters, to defense for private citizen suits or in a claim against a government or regulatory body. This is typically one of the most complex areas of law, and requires a multidisciplinary approach involving professionals with a wide range of expertise.

Estates, Wills and Trusts
Estate planning is a fundamental activity supported and facilitated by lawyers. This area of practice can help prevent or mediate disputes and preserve family wealth, and covers wills and other documents, estate planning, creation of trusts, and powers of attorney.